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The notorious party on an Island in Fiji

The notorious party on an Island in Fiji

They say if you had a great experience somewhere, that you should never go back, because most of the time, it’ll never be quite as good as you originally remembered. Well… that’s what we worried about a couple of years ago after we went jumped on a plane and went to the Your Paradise festival in Fiji for the second time.

As we got on the chartered plane full of guests, we wondered “Will this year be as good as the last?”

Within 20 minutes of arriving we knew the answer was going to be a loud and resounding YES. You see, unlike most holidays you’ll likely ever take, YourParadise is a niche, boutique festival with a curated set of musicians and guests, as well as a very strict (but reasonable) set of rules, to ensure everyone visiting the island respects the land and the people of Fiji. But that was 2 years ago. Last year, we didn’t make the pilgrimage because we got married in the same week so the dates clashed. Would our third visit be a charm?

This year (2019) the YourParadise festival had found its stride. The organisers decided to expand the event to encompass both resorts on the island, giving the whole event a far more experiential vibe. In previous years, all the evening parties were held on one beach.

This time, with the added real estate available, each day brought a new adventure of exploration to all the guests. Hidden day parties were held at the far ends of the island that most people would have never ever seen before, and the additional resort brought massages, alternate restaurants, pools and beaches to the week of revelling.

On top of the standard set of activities, we were able to grab some “Add-Ons” which, amongst other things, took us to the now legendary Cloud 9 floating bar in the middle of the ocean. These add-ons are affordable, and once you get on board, the prices are all very reasonable too. It’s clear to see the the event is designed to ensure everyone has a lot of fun and doesn’t feel ripped off at the end of it.

The island itself is stunning, the locals are friendly, and probably the best thing about the YourParadise festival is that you can choose just how much or how little of a party you experience.

On arrival you are shown a timetable of events, and from there you are the boss. This year, after a very hectic few months, we opted for more of the relaxed events and took the opportunity to catch up with the many, many friends who returned for the 2nd or 3rd time too.

YourParadise has established itself as the one event each year that we both insist we try to get to, we’ve already booked next year and we’re already counting down the days.

See you there.

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