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Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged


So, I had absolutely no idea that he was going to propose to me. The backstory goes like this; at this point in our relationship, we’d been together for over 8 years, and to be perfectly honest, the first 5 or 6 years of that we were struggling for money. I was still finishing my Law Degree when we started dating, and Kane was working as an Art Director for a design firm in Sydney. Whilst it paid “quite” well, it just was about enough to pay rent, and support me through my degree. Our holidays were usually coach trips up and down the coast of Australia, and that was just perfect. Whilst I would have loved to get engaged back then, we simply didn’t have enough money to afford a ring, let alone then plan the subsequent wedding. I’d put the idea out of my mind as a “one day” sort of thing.

After a couple of years working in the social media space, Kane was able to quit his job and become my official full-time “Instagram Husband”. Whilst this sounds glamorous, all of a sudden we were both self employed, which in itself brings a whole new world of stress financially. If you work for yourself, you’ll know that there’s always this inherent “I hope I get a new project to work on next week” feeling that sits awkwardly in your gut pretty much constantly. So even though, we starting to have some success with our business, we were always very cautious with extravagant purchases, so I had no idea that he was planning on proposing to me. Also, we have one joint bank account, so if any substantial amount of money disappears from the account, we notice. To work around this issue, Kane approached my mum and used her money to buy the ring initially, so that no alarm bells could possibly go off in my head next time I checked our bank balance. Clever guy!

I’ve dreamt of my perfect ring for years, and had always discussed the design with my mum, so a side-benefit of Kane approaching my mum, was the fact that she could basically describe my perfect ring to him.

This is where the vlog carries on our journey, so I’ll stop typing and let you watch what happened next…

Paris really is ever so romantic, the city has done such a wonderful job ensuring that new development doesn’t destroy the heritage of the past. We spent a few days with the team sailing along the River Seine and exploring Paris.

Towards the tail end of the trip all the guests and staff were very friendly to me, smiling, and giggling…. Although, at this point I had no idea that everyone, I mean literally everyone, knew he was about to propose at any moment.

We were on the trip with Sam Evans, Sam Kolder, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, and Kane had briefed them all, so whoever was closest at the time he proposed was ready to capture the moment.

As it happened, on our tour of the Palace of Versaille, Sam Evans offered to take a couple of shots of us on the beautiful stairs, and Kane decided that was the moment. He whispered something to Sam, and ran off. The next thing I knew, well… you need to watch the next video.

I still ponder that day, and love re-watching the videos. I’m so happy I got to have it all filmed so that I’ll have those memories to hold on to forever.

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