We spent months reviewing and refining the team we wanted to use for our wedding, and I think we ended up with a total dream-team. Here are the key players that made our special day so special.



Peter Bray - Celebrant and MC

Pete really was the glue that held the wedding together. In an environment with so many moving parts, and so many people’s nerves running wild, we needed someone who would stay calm and collected even under pressure. We opted for a celebrant who could also act as the MC to really tie the whole day together cohesively. Pete’s quick wit and comedy timing made all aspects of the day fun and enjoyable for the guests and helped alleviate the nerves of the bride and groom. Pete took time in the lead up to the wedding to come and spend time with us and really get to know what makes us tick, and we both agree that really led to a very heartfelt ceremony.

Jarrad Seng - Photographer

Jarrad is a super talent, and one our favourite photographers, his unique style and flair really shone through on the day. He too, was integral in the preparation of the day, spending time with us weeks before hand to discuss our creative vision, and then in the lead up to the wedding day, he scoured Byron Bay to ensure we would be able to leave the ceremony, capture the photos we needed, and be back with our guests as quickly as possible.

He was assisted by Timo Soasepp.

Sam Evans - Videographer

It was always going to be Sam. He’s a long time friend of ours, and happened to be working on a project with us in Paris when we got engaged. He captured the moment beautifully, and there was never even a flicker of doubt that Sam wouldn’t be Director of Videography on the day.

He was assisted by our close friends and brilliant creators; Matt Vandeputte, Rob Mulally, Alex Hayes & Ed Ringwood. The final video was edited by Kane Vato.


Pia had two custom made gowns for the ceremony and the reception, and Kane had a custom suit with a change of shoes for the reception.

Bower Botanicals - Flowers

Pia worked closely with the team at Bower Botanicals to ensure her overall direction matched the team’s vision.

Marina Machado - Cakes

After testing a number of different cake makers, we fell in love with Marina Machado’s energy and style. She not only created one large cake for the ceremony, but also over 600 petit fours, which allowed guests to try a variety of styles and flavours on during the reception. She catered for our vegan and gluten free guests also.

Jason Gray - Magic

We wanted to give our guests a fun fairytale of a day, so having a magician was the perfect way to keep everyone entertained, and it also served as a great way to help guests who previously hadn’t met, get aquainted.

The Fig Tree - Venue

Given Australia’s Byron Bay has amazing summer days and warm balmy nights, we opted for an almost fully outdoor wedding at The Fig Tree. The specialised venue is home to a huge fig tree which allowed all our guests to sit under whilst the wedding ceremony was underway.

Byron Bay Weddings - Planner

We worked closely with Sihanie from Byron Bay Weddings who kept us on our toes to ensure at each milestone we were on track to pull off the perfect wedding day.

Big Red Bus - Guest Transport

We hired a double decker red bus to pick up all our guests, so they would all arrive at the same time. The bus also returned at 10pm to take everyone to the afterparty in Byron Bay town centre.