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Best Beaches in Sydney For The Weekend

Best Beaches in Sydney For The Weekend

Yes, Autumn has arrived here in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean that its time to get out the winter woolies just yet. Despite slightly crisper evenings, Sydney still has a few weeks of fantastic afternoons full of sunshine for us yet.

Pair that with the fact that we have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, and you really should be choosing your beach attire for the weekend. Once you’ve worked out what you are going to wear this weekend, check my suggestions for the best hang spots to make the most of Sydney over the next 96 hours.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay in Sydney

Tucked away beyond Nielsen Park, Shark Bay is a sleepy (often quiet) beach with just one cute cafe at one end of the beach, and backed by a lush grassy hill. Shark Bay is about 15 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, and definitely needs a car (or cab) to get there.

Milk Beach

Milk Beach
Milk Beach

If you want to make your beach day in to a little hike, I’d suggest going to Shark Bay first and then follow the signs to Milk Beach. Located just 1.5km’s around the corner, you’ll get to take a small coastal walk with great views to Milk Beach.

Milk Beach is super cute and small, again because it’s off the main track, it’s a nice quiet beach, with great views of the boats coming in and out of the harbour. Note: It has a fair few rocks.

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach in Sydney
Little Bay Beach in Sydney

Located near the Airport, you get some pretty cool views of the planes coming and going. The secluded beach has no real amenities other than a toilet… (try to hold it!) and sometimes an ice cream van, so plan accordingly.

West Head Beach

West Head Beach / Aerial shot by Kane Vato

This beach is one to visit if you’ve got a car, and a bit of time. Located on the opposite shore to the Palm Beach Boatshed, if you are driving from Sydney’s CBD, you can expect a 30-40 minute drive to get to West Head Lookout. From there, you’ll need to park and hike around 800m down steps (not for the faint hearted) to access one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Sydney.

Don’t forget that 800m hike DOWN to the beach, is an 800m hike UP to your car, so make sure you take water and haven’t trained legs the day before!

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