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Date night in Venice

Date night in Venice

Next on our Europe Adventure was Venice, Italy. It was our first time in Venice so we didn’t really know what to expect but we had been warned about the swarms of tourists we would encounter so we made it our mission to avoid the main hotspots and find some less trodden gems. As soon as we arrived I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Venice. There’s such a romance about it. I spent the entire week feeling like I was in a movie.

We booked into Restaurant Terrazza Danieli, for our ultimate date night. It’s an incredible rooftop restaurant perched atop the iconic Hotel Danieli (which Angelina Jolie checks into in the movie, The Tourist). We caught a private boat taxi, which is an absolute must in Venice, popped some champagne and arrived at the restaurant where we were greeted by a spectacular sunset overlooking the Venetian Lagoon. It was perfection.

For our more casual evenings, we hung around Via Garibaldi, a trendy street around 10 minutes from the city centre that had next to no tourists or souvenir stores but was littered with great little restaurants serving amazing pizza, pasta and Prosecco.

Location highlight: we had our hotel arrange a private cruise through the Venetian Canals so we could see all of the incredible buildings and bridges without having to navigate them ourselves. Highly recommend.

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