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Charging Ahead through the Outback

Charging Ahead through the Outback

This week we were fortunate enough to be invited by Porsche to take on the second leg of the Darwin to Bondi drive through Queensland and put the Taycan through its paces.

A lot of people still live under the assumption that electric cars have limited use due to range or lack of chargers. Porsche decided to dispel that myth once and for all by driving the fully electric Taycan Sport Tourismo 4S from Darwin, all the way down to Bondi. Each leg of the drive had a different driver allocated, and we took care of the drive through the middle of Queensland.

We were trying to drive “carefully”… after all we were driving in the outback in a Porsche, but the team reassured us that we could really put the car through its paces. It would be just fine. Surprisingly, it was. We locked the car in to gravel mode, which gives it some extra suspension height and we were off.

After a full day of driving and shooting along the way, we took full advantage of the Taycans new on-roof camping kit. It was time to rest for the night. Sitting around a camp fire and watching the stars as we fell asleep was an experience like no other.

The next morning we woke up to the beautiful sunrise and had breakfast in the tent before setting off on the next part of our adventure in the Taycan.

Today’s shoot involved a helicopter! Not only did we get some epic aerial shots of the Taycan, but we got this incredible shot of the Heli and the Taycan running in parallel. I think this might be my favourite shot of the day.

Longreach and the surrounding areas are extremely rural, a lot of the locals were very interested in the Taycan, especially the low humming sound it makes as you drive. It was great to be able to show people around the car and explain how it works. The one thing I love about Australia, especially in the outback… Everyone is so friendly.

As the day concluded, it was time to reluctantly pass the Taycan to the next driver. Packing up the tent was extremely easy, a few clips and the entire system collapsed down in one easy move.

Driving a Taycan through the Australian outback whilst a helicopter follows along is one experience I’ll never forget. You can build your own Taycan here.

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