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The Potting Shed Creates The Perfect Autumn Vibe At The Grounds of Alexandria

The Potting Shed Creates The Perfect Autumn Vibe At The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydney is a funny place. Despite the typical perception that all of Australia is a dessert and you’ll always need sunscreen and shade, the ‘lower half’ of Australia has quite a European season structure. Albeit flipped on it’s head. Yes, Summer in Spain, is Winter in Australia. Crazy hey?!

During the cooler seasons, Sydney doesn’t have too much to offer punters who love the outdoors in these months. Cue, The Potting Shed.

Garden WiFi for the win
Garden WiFi for the win

For anyone familiar with The Grounds of Alexandria, you’ll know its a magical wonderland of nature and food, touched with a rustic edge, and a fantastic overall atmosphere. The Grounds of Alexandria, has a small farm-zoo for the kids to go and explore and some Saturdays the courtyard area is converted in to a handcraft market for local businesses to share their homemade jams and jewellery. It’s a delight.

The Potting Shed is one of the newest additions to complex, and offers an intimate lunch and dinner experience in what could easily be mistaken for the most luxurious greenhouse you’ve ever seen.


The first thing you notice about The Potting Shed, is the lack of walls. Unlike most restaurants, only the back wall (which leads to the kitchen) exists. The roof hangs over the seating area, and the 3 other walls are totally open, albeit heavily populated with beautiful greenery.

To complete the magical garden theme, there’s a bonfire in a wheelbarrow at the entrance, where you can make your own roasted marshmallows. Such a lovely touch whilst you are waiting to be seated.

Despite a light shower, the roof heaters kept us toasty, and the food was incredible. The presentation is akin to Jamie Oliver’s rustic style. Lots of beautiful herbs accompany many of the dishes which are all presented on traditional farm style plates and bowls.

The Potting Shed is a fantastic place to take the kids in the afternoon, or for a romantic dinner in the evening.

Oh, and they have a parrot. Yup, a stunning blue Macaw. Simply epic.

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To find out more and to make a booking, visit the website: The Potting Shed

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