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The W Los Angeles Is Just What You’ve Been Waiting For

The W Los Angeles Is Just What You’ve Been Waiting For

Because we travel so much with work, we tend to spend a lot of our year in hotels. After a while you start to notice the little things that make a great hotel vs ‘just a good hotel’. The W Hotel from Starwood Group has rapidly fallen in to my ‘Great Hotel’ category.

Recently I travelled to LA because we are launching our new SLINKII range and we will be debuting some of the swim at LA Swim Week later this year.

We stayed at the W in Beverly Hills, and of course it didn’t disappoint.

Disclaimer: I must just mention that there are TWO W Hotels in LA… and yup… we went to the wrong one at first. But it did mean that I was able to check both hotels out, and whilst they are both very different, they are both incredible. The W in Hollywood is a stones throw away from all the Hollywood hotspots that you’d want to visit. Hollywood has a surprisingly bohemian vibe to it…  I guess I thought because that’s where the movies are made it would be all glitz and glamour, but that’s all in Beverly Hills. Hollywood is more of the trendy area, the place you’d go if you know the owner of a super cool underground bar that is only open on Tuesdays.


The lobby in Hollywood is just immaculate… and HUGE and as always, the staff are just the loveliest people. If you get a chance, have breakfast in the Delphine in the hotel. It’s divine.

But I digress.

The W in Beverly Hills, is equally as epic as the Hollywood residence, but very different. It’s slick and cool. Upon entry you can hear the good vibes emanating from both (yes there are TWO) bars on the ground floor as you are presented with a zillion-dollar reception. OK, I can’t exactly remember how expensive the reception lighting cost, but I do remember hearing some real big numbers, so expect to be impressed.



The rooms at the W are as you’d expect from any of the W’s worldwide, Patron (full size bottles) in the not-so-mini-bar, condoms and lube have replaced your traditionally placed sewing kit, and the lighting is more seductive than functional, but that’s just fine… You are in Beverly Hills, you are supposed to be seduced.

The obligatory pool-bar has an heir of grace, and you won’t find drunkards partying loudly in to the night. You turn up, find your cabana, and order your cocktails whilst basking in the sun. With the ultra-fast WiFi that California has to offer, it’s literally the best office on the West Coast.

ps. If you are in LA, you need to head downtown, check out the Pattern Bar. It’s cool. Very cool.

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