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Le Chique Is A Degustation Delight

Le Chique Is A Degustation Delight

Words can’t really explain what we just experienced. Because of our travelling, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some truly incredible restaurants around the world, but nothing can prepare you for one of the world’s most exquisite molecular menus.


Located within the Azul Senator resort in Maya Riviera, Mexico, Le Chique is a feast in every sense.


Upon arrival, we were stunned with overwhelming visuals, parts of trees coming up through the floor, a cylindrical wine cellar, that you can sit inside, and perfect mood lighting all set the scene for the meal we were about to expect.

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This seasons tasting menu was an 18 course extravaganza of molecular plates. A molecular plate is pretty much what it sounds like, a less than a mouthful size portion that explode on your tongue. Usually presented in 2 or 3 plates at a time, the 18 courses take around 90 minutes to enjoy fully.

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Alongside most of the plates, a different complimentary wine is served, so don’t plan on driving. 🙂

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Le Chique is rated one of the top restaurants in the world, and a must visit if you are the Mexican coast. Reservations are essential.

Visit their website to book.


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