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John Hardy Workshop Tour

John Hardy Workshop Tour

It’s hard to find words to explain the purity of the John Hardy facility. John Hardy jewelry is conceived, designed, and hand produced in a natural sanctuary near the mountains of Ubud. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the design centre and workshop. It was like no place I’d ever been before. Surrounded by luscious green rice fields, the showroom looks like a giant tent made entirely from bamboo, the floor, the walls, everything – just bamboo. I’m told that it floats above the rice fields so if they ever had to relocate, they could simply pick up the entire building and move it! It was honestly breathtaking.

The tour took us across a bamboo bridge into the open-air design centre to watch the master artisans at their craft. We chatted with a few of the designers and watched as they hand drew the most beautiful and intricate jewelry designs. Not a computer render or 3D printer in sight! Each piece is conceived in the mind, hand drawn by the designer, then hand carved into a wax mold which is then the prototype for the plaster. I got to watch the entire process and even saw the hot silver turn into something new and precious.

It’s clear to me that the entire team is completely in touch with nature. Not only is the facility harmoniously embedded to become part of the environmental landscape, but everything is done organically by exceptionally talented creatives.

John Hardy have created sustainable luxury. Not only do they source reclaimed silver and gold to craft their masterpieces, they have also launched a “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” program which mean they plant a certain number of bamboo seedlings for each piece sold. To date they have planted 1 million seedlings into various communities.

To top off how integral sustainability is, the super friendly team invited us to have lunch with them. The facility employs over 600 people and every day they sit together and enjoy lunch prepared from their organic gardens. No electricity is used to prepare the food, it’s made right there over a fire. And it was delicious.

I really have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for how much work goes into one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry. It was a magical escape from our consumer-driven society into a world that resembles how I think we should all be living. In harmony with each other, with nature, and with our creative minds.

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