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Top 9 Treehouses Around the World You Need to Visit

Top 9 Treehouses Around the World You Need to Visit

Tree houses aren’t just a childhood thing anymore. Check out these exquisite and unique architectural feats from around the world. These are definite add-ons to the bucket list!


The Mirrorcube


With its mirrored walls which reflect the surroundings, the Mirrorcube looks almost invisible from the outside and makes the perfect hideaway. It is just one of the many Tree Hotels that Sweden has to offer. (Pictures by Treehotel)


The Redwoods Treehouse

New Zealand

You can find this pod-shaped structure near Warkworth, North of Auckland, in New Zealand. The restaurant is wrapped around a redwood tree 10 metres high from the ground with an elevated treetop walkway providing access to the venue. Though it is unavailable for individual dining, the Redwoods Treehouse can be booked for private events that you’ll never want to forget. (Pictures by archdaily)


The Sustainability Treehouse

United States

The Sustainability Treehouse is located at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, in the United States. Today it serves as a living education centre for visitors at the Reserve which aims to cultivate an understanding of sustainability and the local ecosystem. Constructed from local timber, and powered by wind and solar energy, this definitely deserves a spot on the bucket list for all the earth lovers. (Pictures by archdaily)


Finca Bellavista

Costa Rica

The Finca Bellavista is a community of self-sustainable and eco-friendly treehouses in the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica. You are able to purchase land to construct your own tree house, purchase an existing tree house or simply stay there for a night or two! But that’s not the coolest thing… the community is connected with a network of zip lines that allow you to delve straight into the Costa Rica rainforest! (Pictures by Finca Bellavista)


Three Story Treehouse


Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better than a one-story tree house… check out the Three Story Treehouse in the Enchanted Forest Theme Park! It looks like something out of a fairy tale. This is considered to be the tallest treehouse in British Columbia, Canada. (Picture by


Lion Sands Resort

South Africa 

Why not take your safari adventure to the next level… by staying in an open-air tree house in the middle of the South African bushland! They are home to the Lion Sands Resort at the Kruger National Park, and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the wilderness. Watch the sunset and the starry night sky above you, with the local animals roaming around. (Pictures by Lion Sands)lionsands

Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses

New Zealand

The Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses is a luxury award-winning resort in Kaikoura, on the South Island of New Zealand.  This unique location is 30 feet above ground-level and sits among the canopy of the native Manuka grove. You get a real feel for the natural environment and have a first-hand view of the picturesque mountain range and majestic Pacific Coastline


Tea House Tetsu


This gorgeous Japanese teahouse rests among the cherry blossoms at the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum in Hokuto City, Japan. It combines a simple and minimal interior design with a fantasy-like exterior. Visiting Japan in the Spring? Why not have some tea at the Teahouse Tetsu tree house. (Pictures by Treehouselove)




This treehouse is located right on Lake Muskoka, Ontario, in Canada. It was built as part of a project designed to minimise its impact on the surrounding site and nature. At night, the three levels of this tree house light up, replicating a Japanese lantern floating among the fir trees. (Pictures by Architizer)


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