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Get paid to visit Japan (if you live in Japan)

Get paid to visit Japan (if you live in Japan)

With tourism strategies all taking a major re-think right now, the Japanese have followed the lead of Sicily and will pay you to visit… once the lockdown is over and you can leave your own country of course. The only caveat, this offer is only open to domestic travel for now.

According to the Japan times, Japan Tourism is putting around $12.5bn (with a b!) in to part-paying for your next trip there. With all tourism on the planet having ground to a halt, this isn’t the first pay-to-visit initiative this year, and I’m pretty confident it won’t be the last.

Japan has experienced a (logical) 99.9% decrease in visitors, so at this point for the sake of the economy, the pay-to-visit initiative is a strong one.

Currently, some international travel restrictions look to stay in place for the next 48 months, especially out of the countries that have managed to control the virus. So these motivational initiatives are going to play an essential role in driving travel and boosting the economy again.

If you’re still undecided here are some visual treats of Japan to tickle your fancy.

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